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Erÿk Gabhran Boston, Esquire
Attorney at Law
Licensed in the Commonwealth of Virgina

Admitted to Practice in the Western Virginia Bankruptcy & Federal District Courts

Winchester Bankruptcy Lawyer, Creditor Abuse, Divorce Attorney, Criminal Defense Attorney & General Law Serving Winchester, Front Royal, Frederick County, Clarke County, Warren County & Shenandoah County

Debt Relief Agency - I help People File for Bankruptcy Relief Under the Bankruptcy Code ~
Erÿk Boston is veteran of the United States Army.  He studied law at Cambridge University and The University of Richmond where he earned the degree of Juris Doctor.  He was admitted to the Virginia Bar in 2008 after his first bar exam.  He has since practiced as a VA bankruptcy lawyer where his experience has included approximately 700 Chapter 7 bankruptcy cases and is experienced with Chapter 13 bankruptcy.  He has worked as a divorce lawyer in hundreds of cases and has substantial experience in criminal defense, preparation of wills and related documents and civil litigation.  He is a member of Mensa and serves his community as an animal rescue volunteer.
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Bankruptcy & Abusive Collections

Chapter 7 - A VA Bankruptcy Lawyer can relieve you of debts you cannot pay, stop collection harassment, foreclosure, garnishments & warrants in debt while allowing you to keep your home.  A Virginia Bankruptcy Lawyer can offer you a fresh start.
Free Bankruptcy Eligibility Evaluation.
Flat fee for Chapter 7 bankruptcy consultation, petition preparation, filing and representation at creditor's meeting: $800 plus court fees of $335 + $21.
Chapter 13 - For persons with a regular source of income, Chapter 13 allows you to create a court enforced plan for repayment of all or some of your debts.  You can save your home from foreclosure even if you are behind on your payments, protect co-signers, and possibly reduce the amount owed on some secured debts or even strip away your second mortgage.  I may be able to include some or all of your legal fees in your repayment plan so you will not need to worry about paying for your bankruptcy before you can file.

Abusive Debt Collectors - Non-stop calls, embarrassing tactics, illegal threats.  When the collection agencies cross the line, I can make them pay where it counts as part of a bankruptcy proceeding or outside of the bankruptcy process.
Uncontested Divorce - A divorce lawyer can offer a civil solution when you have reached the end.  The entire process can be done in weeks by e-mail with no need to go to court.
Flat fee for uncontested divorce: $390 plus court fees.
Criminal Defense
Misdemeanor & Traffic Violations
General Law
Wills, Codicils, Trusts, Power of Attorney, Living Wills
Personal Injury, Dog Bites, Negligence
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